Saturday, October 31, 2009

Saturday Post

Happy Halloween, everyone!

Gina said that Sandy had a really bad night last night, waking up about every hour. But she made up for it today by sleeping almost all day long. She had no episodes with coughing until this evening. She's in the bedroom taking a breathing treatment right now. Gina called Hospice this morning and asked them to deliver a hospital bed. They brought that and set it up this afternoon. So Sandy now has a bed that we can adjust to make her more comfortable. Hopefully that will help her to sleep better.

Sandy hasn't had anything solid to eat in several days. Her liquid intake has really dropped off too. She's mainly only drinking anything when she's taking her medications. She looks so drawn and guant now. She has gotten so weak and so frail. I feel so bad for her. Please pray for her and her comfort and peace.

Thanks to Mary and Clint for bringing brownies this afternoon. Cakes and cookies are definitely my weakness! Thanks to Molly and Tommy for bringing pizza for supper tonight. I want to send a very special "Thank You!!" to Billie. She sent me a message today and said that she is going to go to Georgia to be with Jessica when hers and Angel's baby Claire is born and she's going to spend a week with them when they get out of the hospital. That is such a blessing! I know that nothing will ever take the place of her mom being there with her, but it will be so much less painful having her aunt there to help out. Thank you, Billie! I could not have asked for anything more.

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