Sunday, October 18, 2009

Easy Like Sunday Morning?

By 8:06 AM this beautiful Sunday morning Sandy had already had her pH checked, gone through a 10-minute coughing spell, taken about 25 meds and supplements, drank her water with baking soda, had a breathing treatment, and drank her 4 oz. aparagus juice! Who said Sunday mornings are easy?

Her pH this morning was 6.2 and her cough was not quite as bad. Very encouraging developments, indeed! She is now trying to recover a little of the sleep that I deprived her of earlier.

I will post more later about the remainder of her day, but I wanted to share the good news of this morning with everyone. Have a great day!!


  1. that is AWESOME!! yay for her!!! I miss you guys so much and I love you!!

  2. im so thrilled about her pH levels! this is excellent news! praise Jesus! isn't He good to us?!?! i'm still praying for the whole family!! God bless!! <><

  3. That is great news!!! Hope the rest of the day goes even better. Love and miss y'all.

  4. This is so tremendously encouraging. What a courageous, faithful and blessed journey you are travelling. The naturopathic course you are taking is the death to cancer! It's turning out to be a beautiful Sunday indeed. Prayers continue for more and more beautiful progressive days! God be with you.