Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Sunday News

Today was a fairly good day for Sandy. I didn't get to check her pH this morning. By the time I got up to do it Gina had already started her on a breathing treatment. She did have several protracted coughing spells, but she didn't have any nausea and no appreciable pain. She got all of her juices, meds, and supplements down and kept them down and she drank a lot of water. She went through a couple of emotional valleys, but for the most part had a positive attitude.

She did get out in the back yard to sit in the sun for a little while. She said that it felt good to feel the sunshine on her face. Her and Gina sat and watched several of those TLC house-renovating shows and medical shows and what-not. Then Molly came over this evening and visited with her for awhile. That always brightens her day! Thanks, Molly...and thanks again for the supper. Ryan wanted me to let you and Tommy know that he thought it was great too!

Well, it's back to work tomorrow and leaving Ryan to take care of his mom. He has been doing such a great job, but I know that it is emotionally draining when you love your patient so much. I'm really glad that he was able to get away from the house for some time on Saturday and again today, and to get a couple of good night's rest.

Please keep praying for Sandy, as well as her caregivers, doctors, and nurses. Thanks again to everyone who is supporting Sandy in her battle. There are no words that adequately express how much it means to her and all of those who love her!

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