Friday, October 30, 2009

Late Night Ramblings

It's late...for me. I've already been to bed and asleep for awhile tonight, but I'm up again. My sleep has been sporadic at best for the past week and a half. I sleep a little, dream vividly, and get up throughout the night. So I guess I'll take advantage of this time to ramble...

Sandy had a fair day today. We have been able to keep the pain at a minimum but the cough is still persistent. She is very confused and has trouble finishing a comprehensible sentence. She'll pick up on a word or two from a conversation or from TV and start to say something, but before she can get through with it she loses her train of thought and strays off on a tangent. It's so sad to witness. My heart just breaks for her.

Thank you to Brian, Tonya, Collin and Trystin for bringing supper over for us tonight. It was so good and the fresh pumpkin bread was a tasty dessert to top it off.

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