Thursday, October 22, 2009

Modest Improvement...But It Is Improvement

Sandy's day started out much better today...primarily because she had a really good night's sleep last night. When I checked her pH this morning I asked her how her night was. "Awesome," she said, and I think I even detected a little hint of a smile. OK, so it isn't much, but I was just glad that she got some rest. The remainder of the day was pretty much status quo...some ups, some downs, some tears, some laughs. She drank most of her juices and ate some more of Gina's vegetable soup and kept it all down. Her outlook today was much better than yesterday's. Taken by itself, today probably doesn't seem all that great, but relative to yesterday it was great!!

I ran across an article on the Internet earlier that pointed out something that, frankly I feel kind of silly I hadn't thought of myself. It was an article discussing the acidic vs. alkaline body, and it said to make sure to check the pH of your drinking water. So I did and I found out that the Ozarka "Natural Spring Water" we've been using has a pH of 5.8. It's not going to do much good for Sandy to drink 6 bottles of water each day that have a pH lower than we are trying to achieve. So we're switching to Evamor "Alkaline Artesian Water Beverage" which has a pH of 6.8. By the way, "Artesian Water Beverage" apparently justifies charging more than any bottle of water should ever cost! But I will save my disgust at the whole health food/organic industry's price gouging for a later blog.

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