Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Morning Update

Sandy's day yesterday was mostly uneventful. She had her usual coughing spells, but no significant problem with the pain getting out of hand. She's becoming more disoriented and confused with the increased medication to control her cough and pain. Molly came over last night to see her and Sandy slept through most of her visit. As is typical for Sandy, she apologized a dozen times for falling asleep! Of course Molly assured her that it was no problem and that she was glad Sandy was able to get some peaceful rest.

Thanks to Adrian for bringing our supper last night. We all ate very well and still have plenty left over! Thanks to Chris for going out bowling with Ryan last night. He had a great time.

I have had a number of people asking me how I am doing and I appreciate the concern. My standard answer is, "I'm maintaining." For me it's still a rollercoaster...I have moments when I'm okay and moments when I'm anything but okay.

Please pray for Sandy's comfort and peace of mind. Thank you!!


  1. John,

    Thank's so much for keeping us updated about Sandy. Were praying for her daily as well as for you and the rest of your family. Please let us know if there is anything and I mean anything we can do to help.


  2. I am right there with you Daddy!! I have times that I feel like I am alright and happy that she is at peace and other times I am so far from alright it's not even funny and I just want it to be better!! I HATE that I live so far away and I SOOOO wish I could be there with everybody...if for nothing else just for a little moral support! but know that I am thinking about and missing all of yall every single day!! I love you so much!!! Give mom hugs and kisses for me and tell her I love her more than anything in the world...and Claire too!!!!