Saturday, October 24, 2009

A Nice Day with Sandy

I had a good day here at home with Sandy today. It was nice to be with her and take care of her. I wanted to be able to give Ryan a little bit of a rest too. He went out to spend part of the day with his uncle Brian. They're probably watching UT play Missouri right about now, and from the last score that I saw they're probably enjoying it immensely!

Sandy had a pretty good day. Her pH this morning was 6.0...that's up from yesterday and always gives me hope that tomorrow it will be up even more. She took her Methadone three times today and it did seem to improve her cough. She didn't have as much problem with severe coughing spells or pain today. The only negative was that she was a little more groggy and sleepy with the increased meds. But still not nearly as out-of-it as she was a couple of weeks ago. She watched some TV and talked with Gina, Ryan and me some of the time too. Maybe we've reached a happy medium where she can be comfortable but not unconcious. She had most of her juices today and all of her meds...and she kept all of them down! She drank a lot of water too. So all things considered, it was a good day! We're trusting for more good days to follow!

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