Friday, October 23, 2009

Two Weeks and Counting

Today marks fourteen days since Sandy started her all-natural diet and supplements to raise her pH. If you've been following along with the blog you are well aware of the ups and downs we've experienced. We've had some really exciting, uplifting moments and about an equal number of heartbreaking setbacks. Sandy has gone from her "drug-induced coma" to being alert and happy and positive and now back to somewhere in between. The past few days I have seen more resignation than resolve in her attitude. Don't misunderstand, she wants this treatment to work...she wants it more than anything! Her only other options are a lifetime of chemo or surrender to the cancer.

Today her pH was back up to 6.0. She had a few coughing spells, one of which caused her to throw up and all of which caused her pain. The Methadone seems to be helping, but doesn't last for more than a few hours after she takes it. Hospice increased the dosage from twice a day to three times a day. That's about all that is new right wasn't much different than the past few days.

I have been receiving a lot of emails recently of people who are following the posts each day and supporting and praying for Sandy. I got a message from Sandy's cousin Dwayne who lives in North Carolina. He wanted me to let Sandy know that all of her family in the Virginia/NC area are "supporting her from afar." Thanks, Dwayne! Sandy was so happy when I told her this morning. She told me to let you know how much she appreciates it and that she loves you all. Thanks to Bruce and Dwendy for the beautiful flowers that they sent to Sandy yesterday. She loves them! Thanks to Gina for cooking supper for Ryan and I and staying with Sandy tonight. Everyone rests a little easier when you're here. Thanks to Ryan for being here at Mom's beck and call all week long and taking such great care of her. You've done a great job! I'll try to give you a little bit of a break over the weekend so you can get some rest.

Thanks for all of the prayers. We received some relief on the financial front today that will make things a little easier. As always...Please keep praying!

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