Saturday, October 17, 2009

Day 8

Day 8 of Sandy's all-natural regimen comes on Saturday, which means I'm at home and able to help out a little. It sure gives you a whole new perspective of what is required to take care of someone on this strict of a diet when you spend the day actually doing it. If you're not making a fresh juice drink you're cleaning the juicer or doling out meds or giving a breathing treatment or cooking a meal or updating "the book" or...wondering what you've forgotten to do! We've been very fortunate to have at least a couple of caretakers helping out at all times, so that nobody has to do it all by themself. I just can't imagine trying to do all of this alone.

Sean made it back home to Goldsboro, NC and Jessica made it home to Ludowici, GA this afternoon. That's a worry off of my mind. Thanks again to them for all of their help while they were here. Ryan and Margaret were "on staff" today to help me out. They filled right in and did an excellent job as well.

Sandy's day today was pretty typical of what's been going on for the past few days: coughing and nausea in the morning and then a strong finish by mid-afternoon and into the evening. We went out for the afternoon walk and Sandy made it as far as she did yesterday on her own. The walks are good for her emotionally too. It's always good to feel the sunshine on your face. After her walk she choked down another of my attempts at cooking. She said it was "delicious"! Isn't she sweet? Ryan went out to Hastings today and picked up a book that Sandy has been wanting. It's called "It's Not About the Bike: My Journey Back to Life" by Lance Armstrong. She started reading it this evening. I think that it will be an inspiration for her.

First thing every morning, before she's had anything to eat or drink, Sandy's pH has to be checked. It started out at 5.5 or less, (the test strips start at 5.5, so you can't tell if it's lower than that). A pH of 5.5 is very acidic and we're trying to get it up above 7.0 so that her body is more alkaline...tumors die in an alkaline body. That's the purpose of the juices and the restrictive diet. It has been slightly higher the past couple of days. Yesterday it was 6.2 and today it was 5.8, so we're moving toward our goal!! I'll keep you posted on the pH readings each day as well.

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