Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The New Daily Regimen

So, what does Sandy have to look forward to now that she's on an all natural diet and supplements? According to her...not much! LOL She's not too crazy about it, but she's been a real trooper.

Each day Sandy has to drink the following:

6 - .5 liter bottles of spring water with 20 drops of freshly-squeezed lemon juice;
2 - 4 0z glasses of wheatgrass juice;
2 - 4 oz glasses of asparagus juice;
1 - 8 oz glass of carrot juice with 1/2 avocado; and,
3-4 - 4 oz glasses of spring water with 1 tsp baking soda.

Also, Sandy has to take the following supplements every day:

2 - 2 times per day - Modified Citrus Pectin;
2 - 2 times per day - Transfer Factor Multi-Immune;
2 - 2 times per day - Boswellia Extract;
2 - 4 times per day - Clodromax;
1 - 3 times per day - Wobenzym N;
1 - 2 times per day - Vitamin D3;
2 - 2 times per day - SeleNext;
3 - 3 times per day - Coral Calcium Ultra ;
2 - 2 times per day - IP-6;
4 - 2 times per day - Vitamin A (10,000 IU); and,
1 - 2 times per day - Active Hexose Correlated Compound (AHCC).


On top of all of that she is taking Albuterol breathing treatments 4 times a day to try to control her cough.

It's definitely a full day trying to fit all of these drinks, juices and supplements into her waking hours. Luckily I've had a lot of help with Sean, Ryan and Jessica here this week. They have all pitched in and done more than their share to make sure Sandy has everything she needs.

Sean bought us a Jack LaLanne Power Juicer so we can have fresh carrot/avocado juice and asparagus juice. The wheatgrass is a bit more problematic. Take my word for it...even though Jack Lalanne says you can juice wheatgrass in his juicer, you can't!! And wheatgrass juice is something you do not want to buy at the health food store. It costs about $16 for one day's worth of juice! Wow, again!!

Sandy has been responding very well to this new regimen. She still has some pain and is dealing with this relentless cough, but the miracle is unfolding day by day. Today the kids took her down to the park that is a couple blocks from the house. Sandy walked all the way down there on her own and then rode back in the wheelchair. That is so amazing after seeing her lying in the bed in her "drug-induced coma" only a week earlier!!


  1. praises to the Lord God Almighty!!!!! Thank heavens. this is just such uplifting encouraging news! i will continue to pray for Sandy and the doctors and nurses working with her. and i will continue to pray for your family. how amazing is our Lord Jesus?! He will prevail!! Amen!!

  2. Dad, not to argue semantics, but technically you can use the juicer to juice just takes about an acre of it to get 4oz!! Hahaha!!

  3. I stand are right, Sean. So I will amend my previous statement to read as follows: "Take my word for it...even though Jack Lalanne says you can juice wheatgrass in his juicer, WE WON'T!!"

    Thanks for pointing this out! lol